Magnificent Kids! - 23 Superheroes who are changing the world

©2014 Kerryn Vaughan

Magnificent Kids! Features 23 superheroes who have chosen to use their skills, talents and passions to make a difference, and every one of them started their project when they were younger than 18 years of age. They share stories about themselves and provide answers to the questions we most want to ask incredible people.

They have all set up projects that help humanity, animals or the planet. You will be blown away by what they have achieved with very little other than their determination to succeed. They have been driven by their passion, utilised their skills and talents, asked for support, and have created magic.


Get Off The Bench! - Kickstart your idea now

©2019 Kerryn Vaughan

Got an idea or project you want to get off the ground? Or maybe you have many things running around inside your head, and you don’t know where to start. This book is designed to help you breathe life into your idea and find the right people to support you.

It provides a basic introduction to getting any idea off the bench and into the game, be it a community project, business or even the starting point for a larger Not for Profit with global reaches. If you want to make a difference with even a tiny-scale project, there are many things you can do that could have a significant impact on the lives you directly touch.

Get off the bench is all about action and how to take that first step rather than sitting around waiting for your turn. It debunks the perfection myth and shows that even the first messy version is far better than doing nothing at all. 

It covers everything from brainstorming potential ideas and digging deep to explore the motivation behind the ideas, right through to solutions, resources, funding, partnerships and even risk analysis. It shows how to create a plan and put that plan into immediate action, and then how to maintain the momentum.


Magnificent Kids!



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