Christine Boucher

Owner - Natural Health Balance

Stress to Strength. It’s up to YOU!

There are many simple solutions for self-help to regain a healthier balanced life. You may be at a loss and so overwhelmed and exhausted in a stressful business or job that you don’t know the way out. Your life may feel a mess and you are unsure how to get out of there.

Do you know what skills and wisdom you need to break through your stress into more peace of mind and calm in the moment with a much happier picture of your future? You may just need that bit of inspiration or information to do so. 

Christine will walk you through the simple strategies that you can implement into your life. To go from a state of stress, overwhelm, anxiety to a peaceful, focused state of coping and strength.

  • Physiology of stress & how it impacts upon our health
  • How to build your resilience against stress
  • How to manage stress effectively
  • How to transform from a state of stress to a state of strength