Courtney Baker

Owner - flluskë earrings / Hearing Loss Advocate

Meet Courtney, Hearing Loss Advocate and owner & Designer of flluskë earrings. 

Courtney began making flluskë earrings after a particularly negative experience surrounding her hearing loss, which lead to a very low point in her life. In an attempt to make herself feel more positive about her ears and build her confidence back up again, she began making earrings. 

Tapping into the power of colour, she created beautiful vibrantly coloured earrings that helped her celebrate her ears as a thing of beauty.

Her tag line ‘love your ears’ is an important part of her business- helping people love their ears by wearing beautiful, vibrant flluskë colour and to also remember to love and appreciate their hearing!


The driving force and the thing that she’s really passionate about is educating people on all things hearing loss. Her purpose is to change the perception others have about people that are deaf.