If working with someone 1:1 and really hashing things out is your cup of tea, we do that too. However we don't want to sit around drinking tea chatting about nothing and achieving nothing. Kerryn has been helping people find their voice and unlock their magnificence for many years in her brutally honest kick-ass way, with loads of success stories under her belt. Her book 'Magnificent Kids!' was the catalyst to Kerryn taking her own advice and stepping into a world where anything is possible, including making a massive difference to thousands of people in Africa through her Not For Profit 'One Planet Classrooms', and now Girls With Hammers; proving anything is possible! Kerryn will immediately have you questioning beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you, and have you re-writing your life based solely on your authenticity and values. But be warned! You won't be getting a fluffy mentor - with Kerryn it's boots 'n all!

Take steps toward:

  1. Building self confidence
  2. Confronting fears
  3. Challenging excuses
  4. Recognising, acknowledging and building on strengths
  5. Silencing imposter syndrome and self doubt
  6. Building realistic plans to move forward
  7. Developing a CAN DO mindset
  8. Building assertiveness skills
  9. Kickstarting projects

And more... but that's a pretty good list to start with!

If you're done with living a life that's all about pleasing others, change it!

*Please note - Kerryn is not a psychologist, therapist or counsellor and is not qualified to provide advice in these areas.


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