ONE VOICE Conference Speaker

Kate Parker

Kate Parker has been a member of Sea Shepherd for nearly 4 years, starting off as an onshore volunteer; fundraising for the organisation and promoting marine conservation in her spare time. Kate is also a keen diver and now heads up the Sea Shepherd Dive campaign, partnering with diving businesses to drive up standards in diving to be more environmentally focused throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Kate joined Sea Shepherd because she was passionate about our oceans and felt she could no longer be a bystander, anxious about threats to marine habitats. Despite her fears of what may happen on campaign, and having never been to sea before, she wanted to take direct action against illegal poaching, and Sea Shepherd are one of the few organisations that do just that.

Since joining she has now sailed with Sea Shepherd on 3 campaigns offshore, taking her to Antarctica and twice to Mexico. She has worked on all 3 campaigns as a deckhand, learning all manner of seamanship and trade skills such as driving and navigating the small boats, launching and retrieving helicopters and engineering more efficient net retrieval processes. She has also spent time working as an Oiler in the Engine Room, a Quartermaster in the Bridge and a chef’s assistant in the Galley. 

Kate continues to fight for the oceans and will be returning to the campaign to try and save the last remaining Vaquita porpoise from becoming extinct in Mexico, at the end of this year.


Photo - Andrew Lynch

Photo - Andrew Lynch